About us


The idea for the creation of the brand KAAT was developed within the family, combining the sewing skills of the older generation with the ideas of the younger, connecting them with the overall love for creation.

The story of KAAT bags began with a broken leg that required a long recovery, which led to the purchase of the first sewing machine and learning how to sew through the web. Firstly, the backpacks were created for friends, but then additional orders followed, and it quickly resulted in the visibility of brand and increased interest of others.

Designing, tailoring, cutting, sewing… all in all CREATING is the work of Kaja and Nik.


Who are we?

Kaja – a sports-girl at heart and a future master of primary teaching. An eternal lover of bags, handbags, backpacks and generally all fashion accessories, which can be a perfect touch to any outfit. Almost every year, for Christmas, birthday, or just like that, I wished for a new purse. When one day I wanted a unique backpack, custom-made only for me, I started sewing with my father’s help and created my very first product. With the enthusiasm of my family and friends, I got an extra boost and my creativeness forced me forward. Currently, I’m a designer for new collections and a main seamstress.

Nik – an athlete at heart, a passionate lover of football and a future master of kinesiology. My task is the development of KAAT in technical and business sense. I contribute with my ideas for the future improvements and purchase of new machines, since from the very first step to the last detail, we are in charge of the production. My work gives me pleasure, offers me a challenge and every day, I am ready for everything and more …



The KAAT products are all about simplicity, differentiation and accessibility. In a flood of similar products on the market, KAAT is different, as it is constantly being improved. You will recognize it by a pink zipper and a detail that depends on the collection. Every product is actually a part of us, as we genuinely enjoy the process of creation, and we devote our attention to every bag, backpack, and even a pencil case. All KAAT products are result of our work from the beginning to the end. High-quality materials are carefully selected and up to current trends. We are constantly discovering new combinations and possibilities for improvement, since demand also leads to innovation. We want to bring all products closer to customers, and above all, offer quality at affordable price. Therefore, we can say that KAAT products are fashionable and extravagant, as well as chic and simple, and above all, useful.