The beauty of manual work is in tiny imperfections, everything that is perfect, is made mechanically.

The creative vision of KAAT is not limited to one kind, the customer can choose materials, models and patterns and thus gets his unique identity.

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Heat and sweating are the main reasons that we do not feel comfortable during walking, when our thighs rubs one to another together and during sitting, when our thighs can stick together.
That is why we have designed KAATies panties, which are the solution for the problems with sicked and sweated thighs.

Gift offer

You create a gift pack yourself, only the contents of the package are specified. When purchasing M, L or Premium you will get a free gift box.

**prices for M, L and PREMIUM packages are different depending on the selected backpack


Swallet + makeup bag17,99€
Mwallet + makeup bag + backpack51,99€ / 52,99€ / 55,99€
Lwallet + makeup bag + pencil case + backpack64,99€ / 66,99€ / 68,99€
PREMIUMwallet + makeup bag + pencil case + backpack + Intemporel97€ / 99€ / 102€

Package S

from 21€ 17,99€

Package M

from 64€ 51,99€

Package L

from 76€ 64,99€

Package Premium

from 114€ 97€

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